Simple Ways to Stop Water Damage in Your Home

Water Damage in Portland, ORIs your home safe from potential flooding problems? Here are a few tips for homeowners who want to make sure everything is safe at all times:

  • Check Your Hoses – Water hoses to that go to your ice maker, dishwasher, or washing machine can wear down over time and cause damage in your home. Keep an eye on these parts of your home to ensure that they are working correctly and replace them at the first sign of trouble.
  • Clean Your Gutters – Keeping your gutters clean can stop a lot of water damage in your home. If you do not have them cleaned, water that hasn’t been appropriately transported away from your house can cause foundation, exterior, and roof damage that may be very expensive.
  • Watch Your Water Usage – How often do you just pay your water bill without looking at it? If you notice an increase in usage, you may have a leak in your home. This leak may be visible, but it may also be in the walls or some other place you cannot see.

If you are dealing with water damage in Portland, OR, you can rest assured that the team at F.I.R.E. Restoration will help you. We also provide assistance for individuals dealing with a fire or other structural damage.