Minimizing Damage to Your Home

Water Damage in Portland, ORDo you know what to do after your home has been damaged by fire or water? We have put together a handful of tips to help you after this terrible event:

  • Only Let Necessary People in Your Home – After a flood or fire, you are going to get a lot of neighbors and onlookers who want to catch a glimpse of your home. You should limit the people who come into your home, making sure that only immediate family member and people assisting with the process are allowed inside.
  • Leave Appliances Alone – It may be tempting, but you should leave your kitchen appliances alone. The fire or flood may have caused problems with the wiring. Wait for a specialist to come into your home to assess the damage. We have ways to ensure everything is cleaned properly.
  • Never Eat Any Food in Your Home – You never want to eat any food that was sitting in your home during a fire. The smoke and soot will damage any food and can make you very sick. If your home was flooded, you run the risk of eating moldy food.

The team at F.I.R.E. Restoration is ready to help you when you are dealing with fire or water damage in Portland, OR. Call us at (503) 305-7285 to inquire about our services.