How a Professional Can Help You

Smoke Damage Restoration in Portland, ORA fire restoration specialist can provide you with a wide array of services after a fire. Here are three ways in which we can help you:

  • We Have Special Equipment – Cleaning your home after a fire is not as simple as putting on a mask and spraying a degreaser everywhere. You need special tools and cleaners to tidy up your house. If you do not use these, your home will smell bad for years. Furthermore, the lingering soot could cause health problems.
  • We Have Experience – Our business has been helping people clean their homes after fires for many years, so we know what it takes to rehabilitate a property correctly. When you work with our experienced team, you can rest assured that everything will be completed in a fast and efficient manner. We want you to be back in your home as soon as possible.
  • We Help Salvage Your Home – After a fire, you may be tempted to throw everything away. When you hire a specialist to provide you with smoke damage restoration in Portland, OR, you will have someone there to tell you what must go, as well as what can stay.

Count on the team at F.I.R.E. Restoration to help you with your project. Our specialists will be able to assist you after a fire, as well as provide water damage rehabilitation services.