Our project managers are IICRC certified in fire restoration and smoke odor remediation. The team at F.I.R.E. Restoration is comprised of the best in the industry. Every member of our team has extensive construction and restoration experience. Together, we share the same philosophy of integrity and quality in creating successful restoration projects and making our customers happy.ojects and making our customers happy.

What’s Required for Storm Damage Cleanup in Gladstone, OR

When storm winds blow, look to F.I.R.E. Restoration for storm damage cleanup in Gladstone, OR. Customers trust our company to repair wind damage to the outside and inside of your house. Whether you require restoration of the roof or siding, our contractor has the expertise to take care of all the details for you.

Boarding Up

Similar to fire/smoke restoration and wind restoration projects, we begin by boarding up and securing the location of the damage. Wind can cause extensive damage to a site, leaving your structure exposed to the elements and unwanted members of the public. The board-up phase is critical as it makes sure your dwelling or place of business is secure, and no further damage takes place.

Assessing the Damage

F.I.R.E. Restoration has industry-proven expertise in assessing damage to a structure and estimating repair costs. This phase of a project involves detailed analysis of a structure to determine all of the potential costs. We have years of experience dealing with wind damage and have the ability to quickly and accurately assess and move into the repair phase of these projects.

Drawings & Permits

As with other types of damage, we draw up plans for a rebuild to the damaged structural areas and navigate all of the necessary permits to ensure the project is completed successfully and promptly. This critical phase ensures your project is finished according to specifications and all of the red tape is managed, so you can look forward to moving on with your life.

Repair & Completion

The final phase involves repairing the damage to your structure. We partner with the subcontractors of the highest quality, whom we trust, and we pay on time. This allows us to build a solid book of business with quality companies to ensure our projects come in close to budgets and deadlines. It also means a higher quality of restoration for our clients.

Contact us today for quality workmanship in restoring the damage wind storms have done to your house. We proudly serve homeowners and property managers in Gladstone, Oregon, and the Portland Metro Area.