Stop Mold from Ruining Your Carpets

Water Restoration in Portland, ORMold can grow on nearly any surface in your home – including your carpet. We have put together a list of three ways to prevent mold from destroying your carpets:

Clean Standing Water Fast – Whether you have had a small leak in your home from the AC or have just spilled a large bottle of water, it is essential that you clean it up as fast as possible. Once you have gotten everything up with towels, you should try to put a fan on the moist area.

Control the Humidity in Your Home – If you let the humidity in your home get too high, mold can start to develop in your carpets. It would help if you always paid attention to the humidity, never letting it get up to 60%. Additionally, never let the temperature get over 80 degrees if you can help it.

Choose Different Flooring – Have you gotten mold on your carpets before? Instead of putting down new carpet, you may want to consider a different style of flooring. Wood floors are always an excellent investment. You could also install some beautiful new tile.

If there has been some minor flooding in your home, you can trust the team at F.I.R.E. Restoration to help. Not only do we provide fire rehabilitation services, we are also the company to call when you need water restoration in Portland, OR.