Posts made in November 2018

The Demolition Process

Water Restoration in Portland, ORDealing with damage to your home is frustrating and often sad. The team at F.I.R.E. Restoration understands your grief and works hard to make the process as simple as possible. We have put steps in place to ensure that we operate efficiently. One of those steps is the demolition process.

When it comes to floods and water damage, demolition is generally the last step before we start rebuilding your home. There are many pieces of your home that must be removed to make sure that mold and mildew do not persist. We will take these spots down, and then hire only the best subcontractors to restore these damaged areas. The individuals we employ to take care of these issues are of the highest quality. We have worked with them for years, so you can rest assured that they will complete the task on time and within your budget. You will be with us every step of the way, so there will be no surprises when we start working in your home.

Count on our team when you need water restoration in Portland, OR. The talented team at F.I.R.E. Restoration is always working hard to improve and revitalize your property after it has been damaged.

Staying Safe with Water Damage in Your Home

Water Damage in Portland, ORHas your home flooded recently? If the answer is yes, here are a few tips to help keep things safe:

  • Move Damaged Items – If there are any items that you are sure are permanently damaged, you should get these items out of your home as soon as possible. While removing these items, you should wear rubber gloves and shoes with a sturdy sole to ensure that no one gets hurt while moving these items.
  • Start Cleaning What You Can – Whether it is as simple as mopping up some of the leftover water or starting to clean areas that have not been damaged by water but are still messy, cleaning up what you can is a wise plan. This ensures you know what is happening in each quadrant of your home.
  • Use Your Fans – It will generally take mold about two to three days to grow in your home, so turn on your fans now to help slow the process. If too much mold grows, you may have to remove parts of your home completely. Box fans and dehumidifiers are a great start.

Deal with your water damage in Portland, OR, when you work with the specialists at F.I.R.E. Restoration. We can assist you with floods and storm damage, as well as fire and structural issues.